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wedding weekend celebration

Things will be a bit light on the blog this week as we are recovering from a few days of wedding celebrations with our friends. I officially photographed the bridal henna and Friday evening welcome (rehearsal) dinner for the wedding, but then was off duty during the wedding, although I helped grab some video with my camera set up on my tripod. It was a busy few days of wedding activities and it’ll take me a bit of time to go through all the photos. We had a blast!

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quilt (4)

hand-quilted from winged

A few weeks ago, I shared a shot of a new quilt I had started on, with Bonnie Christine‘s (of going home to roost) winged collection wingspan in melon and plumage in apricot. Read more…

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monday photo share: happy 1.5 years

Today is the day that Miss A turns a year and a half! Time flies! Read more…

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happy september!

It’s September! This month, I’m back on the cover of Triad Happy Tails, a local rescue-focused magazine I’ve been shooting covers with for about a year. Read more…

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oliver + s sailboat top

I love oliver + s patterns! Whenever they have great sales going on, I always contemplate picking up more patterns, even if I don’t need any. Read more…


busy with photo sessions

I’ve been busy with photo sessions lately and trying to keep up with editing. I’m expecting things to slow down as I become more pregnant (especially from November through January), but for now things are busy! Read more…


monday photo share: running

I missed last week’s Friday photo share so I’m making up for it this week! Here’s Miss A running at nearby Hanes Park. Read more…


project pearl: august session

I’ve had quite a busy week full of photo sessions, but over the weekend, I had my regular monthly session with Project Pearl. Read more…


at it again: quilting

After the last (and first finished) quilt I made, I said I wouldn’t make another one for a while. But here I am again, making another one! Read more…


friday photo share: off the bench

Here’s Miss A, hanging out on a bench at a nearby park in Winston-Salem, NC. She did not want to pose for a photo and is nearly about to jump off here. Read more…

beach (4)

to the beach

My blogging is a bit light this week because last week we went on a long-weekend trip to the beach. We headed out to Oak Island, NC, which is just under a 4 hour drive from Winston-Salem. Read more…


friday photo share: old man roger

This week’s Friday photo share is Roger, hanging in the backyard taking a break during fetch. Roger is approaching 9 or 10 years old – we’re not quite sure because we adopted him from a shelter that he came into as a stray. Read more…

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baby a birthday tunic

What seems like forever ago, I made this Maggie Mae tunic for A for her birthday back in March. Read more…


catching up with stepping stones: august

Over the weekend, I grabbed some updated shots for Stepping Stones Canine Rescue. It’s been raining a lot lately, but the weather worked out just fine for the session. Here are a few of my favorite shots. Make sure to check out the Stepping Stones website and Facebook page to learn more about current adoptables and procedures for adopting.



gender reveal: little sis or little bro?

This week, we found out we are having a … girl. Here’s a cute video I put together of A’s announcement. Read more…


kcw: july 2014

I’ve participated in Kids Clothes Week (KCW) a couple of times now (January 2014, Spring 2014), Read more…

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my first quilt

I finished my first quilt! Can you believe it?! It seemed to take forever, but delayed a bit by feeling morning (all-day) sickness. I attempted to make a quilt a while back, but that one proved a bit too difficult and mentally draining for my first quilt. Read more…

blueberries (1)

blueberry picking in winston-salem

In lieu of my weekly Friday photo share, I’m going to share a whole set of photos from blueberry picking last week at Reich’s Blueberries here in Winston-Salem. Read more…

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knock your robot-blocks off

I recently came across the coolest Robots from Caravan Shoppe and I immediately showed husband A and said, we should make these!!! Read more…


friday photo share

This week’s photo share is toddler A and a whole lot of blueberries. We headed out to Reich’s Blueberries to pick blueberries with the in-laws yesterday morning. Read more…