kerber labs: full session

I’m finally getting around to posting about my photo session with three beautiful black labs that I had several months ago. I photographed these pups when they were just 12 weeks old, and then I went back to photograph them a year later. They all have the same personalities as when I met them… two personalities easier to photograph than the third. They are a rambunctious trio but all happy, healthy pups. Enjoy!


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kcw spring 2014 week roundup

It’s the end of KCW, and I’ll barely give myself a passing grade. Read more…


friday photo share

I’m taking a break from my KCW posts to share a Friday photo of baby (or is she a toddler now?) A. Read more…

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kcw spring 2014: geranium embroidered top

Today’s KCW project share is the awesome Made by Rae Geranium Dress/Top. Read more…


kcw spring 2014: hump day

It’s hump day for Kids Clothes Week Spring 2014. I’ve been attempting to participating in KCW, a challenge to sew for one hour a day this week and partcipate in the sewing community by sharing photos and blog posts. Read more…

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kcw spring 2014: day two-ish

I mentioned yesterday that life is crazy. It is! Here’s my day two-ish finished item for Kids Clothes Week, a group of bloggers and the sewing community that try to meet a challenge to sew one hour every day for a week. Read more…


kcw spring 2014

It’s Kids Clothes Week! What’s that, you ask? Read more…


friday photo share

This week’s Friday photo share brings you baby A, walking! Over the past couple weeks she’s been rapidly approaching walking and is now able to walk up to 20 steps in a row and she has begun to choose walking over crawling. It’s fun to see! Of course with walking comes much bigger tumbles, for which there is no shortage. Pretty soon she’ll be running (uh-oh)!


spring 2014 kcw: what’s on my list

It’s time for another KCW (kids clothes week), where the sewing blogosphere is challenged to sew for kids every day for a week. Read more…


family “b” session

A while back, I shared a preview of my session with the “b” family. Here are a few more of my favorites from the session. Read more…

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stashbuster bbb pants

The Made by Rae Big Butt Baby pants have been my go-to pant pattern for baby A, who primarily wears cloth diapers, and thus has a big cushy butt. Read more…

stepping_stones (3)

catching up with stepping stones & project pearl

Over the weekend, I had two volunteer sessions with Stepping Stones Canine Rescue and Project Pearl. Read more…

spring_fever (2)

friday photo share: spring fever

This week’s photo share includes a few photos of baby A hanging out at Hanes Park here in Winston-Salem on a nice spring day. Read more…

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husband diy: wooden craft projects

Husband A has been making some wooden crafts lately for baby A. I originally sent him an example of something he could make from an Etsy store (a camera) and he did a pretty good job recreating it. To create these toys, he used oak and pine purchased from our local Home Depot, a dremel, soldering iron, spaid bit for the holes, jigsaw and a handsaw. A few of these items were foreign to me, so I included wikipedia links. Baby A has so far loved them all, but she loves the phone the most, especially because it comes with funny parent-making phone sounds!

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lazy stashbuster potholders

I had a large stash of quilting cotton scraps and I went searching for a way to use them up in a practical way. I decided to make some simple lazy potholders since our potholders were looking pretty grungy. Read more…

chloe (1)

miss chloe: baby h’s fur-brother

I recently shared some photos from a newborn session with baby h. During that session, I took a few quick snapshots of Chloe, baby h’s fur-sister. Read more…


new sewing gear

I’ve picked up some fun sewing gear over the last few months. Some of these items have drastically improved my sewing worklfow, others have not been as mind-blowing. Read more…

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friday photo share: baby a at 1 year

Here’s baby A a week after her 1st birthday. She’s sporting a cute striped tee I made (I’ll blog later about it). Read more…

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more fabric inspiration

Uh-oh! Or as baby A would say, “Uh-em!” I’m not allowed to buy fabric for a while, or even go to the fabric store because I’ll be too tempted. Read more…

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meet doofus boofus: a diy fluffies monkey

Meet Doofus Boofus*, a DIYFluffies Cute Monkey rag doll. I sewed him up a while back for baby A. I had just finished another intense sewing project and thought this quick little project would work for my desire to be less than perfect. I used all scraps and even stuffing from an old unused pillow. This was the first rag doll I sewed and there were parts of it that went a little slower than I expected – like flipping the arms and legs inside out, stuffing them, and sewing the body together. I did quite a bit of hand-sewing on the last tricky parts. I did make a mistake on where I attached Doofus Boofus’ eyes, so I think he looks more like a monkey-giraffe than giraffe, but like I said, this is the type of project where imperfections add character!

DIYFluffies has tons of cute rag doll and sewing projects, and I’m looking forward to sewing more!

*Doofus Boofus is friends with Rufus, our small monkey pacifier!