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heidi + finn urban unisex hoodie: version 2.0

Late last fall, I sewed one of my favorite garments to date: the Heidi + Finn Urban Unisex Hoodie. Read more…

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take two: september tunics

It’s October, but I recently finished making two September Tunics by Too Sweets for toddler A. Read more…

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monday photo share: 19 months

Over the weekend, we headed out to The Farm at The Children’s Home here in Winston-Salem to pick up some pumpkins. Read more…

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loving pet inn adoptions event

Almost a year ago(!) I volunteered with Loving Pet Inn Adoptions to capture photos for their adoption appreciation event. Read more…

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a trio of ice cream blouses

This week’s crafty post is not from the backlog! I picked up the Oliver + S Ice Cream Dress Sewing Pattern a while ago, during a sale. Read more…


project pearl: september session

Over the weekend, I had my monthly volunteering session with Project Pearl, a local non-profit that is partnered with Forsyth County Animal Control to work with photographers to provide photos of the adoptable animals, as well as educate and advocate for animal welfare.. Read more…

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monday photo share: what’s my age again?

It’s been a few weeks since I shared some updated photos of toddler A. Between a really busy week of photo events related to our friend’s wedding weekend extravaganza, and being sick with a chronic cough and/or allergies, Read more…

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upcycled purple pippa

Here’s another one from the blog backlog! You can tell by how young A looks here. Read more…

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christmas wedding: second shooting

Here’s one from the blog backlog. I second shot a wedding last December, a few days before Christmas. Read more…

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wedding weekend celebration

Things will be a bit light on the blog this week as we are recovering from a few days of wedding celebrations with our friends. Read more…

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hand-quilted from winged

A few weeks ago, I shared a shot of a new quilt I had started on, with Bonnie Christine‘s (of going home to roost) winged collection wingspan in melon and plumage in apricot. Read more…

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monday photo share: happy 1.5 years

Today is the day that Miss A turns a year and a half! Time flies! Read more…

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happy september!

It’s September! This month, I’m back on the cover of Triad Happy Tails, a local rescue-focused magazine I’ve been shooting covers with for about a year. Read more…

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oliver + s sailboat top

I love oliver + s patterns! Whenever they have great sales going on, I always contemplate picking up more patterns, even if I don’t need any. Read more…


busy with photo sessions

I’ve been busy with photo sessions lately and trying to keep up with editing. I’m expecting things to slow down as I become more pregnant (especially from November through January), but for now things are busy! Read more…


monday photo share: running

I missed last week’s Friday photo share so I’m making up for it this week! Here’s Miss A running at nearby Hanes Park. Read more…


project pearl: august session

I’ve had quite a busy week full of photo sessions, but over the weekend, I had my regular monthly session with Project Pearl. Read more…


at it again: quilting

After the last (and first finished) quilt I made, I said I wouldn’t make another one for a while. But here I am again, making another one! Read more…


friday photo share: off the bench

Here’s Miss A, hanging out on a bench at a nearby park in Winston-Salem, NC. She did not want to pose for a photo and is nearly about to jump off here. Read more…

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to the beach

My blogging is a bit light this week because last week we went on a long-weekend trip to the beach. We headed out to Oak Island, NC, which is just under a 4 hour drive from Winston-Salem. Read more…