using wufoo for design feedback


Over the last few months, I’ve been learning Photoshop. For the launch of this site, I came up with a few different designs that I liked, but used Wufoo to get feedback from a few friends.

Wufoo is an online form builder tool that allows you to create invitations, surveys and contact forms. Check out the photos below for some examples of how I used it.

wufoo design feedback
First, I uploaded six snapshots of potential designs and created a survey for users to select their favorite, add their name and additional comments.

wufoo design feedback
Here are some examples of items you can add to a Wufoo form.

wufoo design feedback
I also used a custom stylesheet to define a couple of CSS rules for my form.

wufoo design feedback
After sending out the link to a few friends, I created a Wufoo report and reviewed the results. The results were all over the place. Ultimately, the design was my decision (obviously), but I did receive some helpful feedback.

wufoo design feedback
I have a free Wufoo account, but they have several levels with different feature sets.

I recommend using Wufoo for setting up a survey, invitation, or contact form. Alternatives include SurveyMonkey and Google Forms. I found Wufoo to be very user-friendly to use and it produces user-friendly surveys. Google Forms is free, but does not contain the feature set such as collecting payments, SSL, and A/B testing.

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